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1. Who Are You?

Pacient is an educational website. We help consumers make smarter choices about their health care and the care of their family. We provide unbiased, easy-to-understand information so that you can get the care you need and save money.

2. How Do I Use This Directory?

If you don’t know what kind of health service you need, contact us. We’ll help you figure out what you are looking for.

If you already know what kind of health service you need, you can browse through the categories we have listed. Or you can look at the top right-hand corner for the search box. Services are listed by your state.

If you find the business you need, you can send the business an inquiry. This means you email them directly to learn more. Or you can email the business information directly to your email or a friend’s.

3. How Do I List My Business?

You can list your business here. A basic listing is free of charge. If you would like to upgrade there is a monthly fee.

Once you have listed your business, you can edit it at any time.

4. Contact Us

If you have any problems at any time, contact us.